Program for the project:


Arrival in Weiden, pickup by hostfamilies.


Timeout with your own teachers: Meet and Greet (Headmaster) in School Auditorium
Short introduction: programme/partners
Warm-up in School Auditorium
Getting to know, team-building activities, tour of school building break. Introduction to the Workshop
Workshops I – “The best video”
Workshop II – Introduction to Organisations

Lunchbreak in School Canteen Workshops II
Meet Organisations
gather footage: record audio/video, take pictures, interview, facts (see extra plan)

Pupils leave from organisations together with hosts Free time with the hosts

Tuesday, Oct 10:

8.00: Timeout with your own teachers 

08:30 Morning Assembly(Germany)

08:45 Workphase I

Analyse yesterday’s visit to organisations, develop storybook 10:30 Break

10:45 walk to the city of Weiden (meeting point: school auditorium)

12:30 lunch at school canteen 13:30 Workphase II
15:00 Finish Workphase II
16:00 Bowling in Weiden (Bowling Lounge, Regensburger Str. 55).

18:00 Pupils leave together with hosts

Wedensday, Oct 11:

09:06 Excursion to Nürnberg (Deutsches Museum – Zukunftsmuseum)

Please bring packed lunch (or have money for self-catering)!

11:00 Laboratory Future Hydrogen

16:43 returntrip to Weiden 17:50 arrival at Weiden City Hall

Meeting Point: railway station Weiden

Thuesday, Oct 12:

8.00 Timeout with your own teachers

08:30 Morning Assembly (Denmark)

08:45 Workphase III

11.30 “Let’s move” (meeting point: gymnasium)

12:30 lunch at school canteen

13:30 Workphase IV (see room plan) Finalise videos 15:00 end for pupils
Free time with your hosts

Friday, Oct 13:

8.00 Timeout with your own teachers

08:30 Morning Assembly (Netherlands)

08:45 Workphase V (see roomplan) Products ready for presentation

Rehearse presentation

9:30 Gallery walk (presentation of the posters)

10:15 Welcome guests and partnerorganisations 10:30 Presentation of Products in in U04

11:15 break

11:25 further presentations

11:45 Final words

12:00 clean up auditorium, prepare for dinner (tables, decoration) 12:30 end of programme

afternoon: individual programme in host families

19:00 Farewell-Party in school auditorium Parents: please bring salads and desserts

Hostfamilies: Please specify number of guests!

20:15 Presentation of products to families and friends 20:30 Special Guest

22:30 “We cry and say goodbye” 😉


Individual departure

08:06 Denmark (from Weiden trainstation) 08:06 Netherlands (from Weiden trainstation)