LOOK! For a better place
The world today is more interconnected than ever before. Consequently, improving access to technology and knowledge is an important way to share ideas and foster growth of sustainable concepts. LOOK! enables pupils to be connected in order to become global citizens and help their local society by accessing knowledge. Learning from real-life experiences is very motivating for pupils. In this project they improve their digital skills and learn about sustainable future-oriented

LOOK! is the project of five schools (from DK, GER, I, NL and TR) of secondary education which have different specialist characteristics. It is a follow-up project to two Comenius/Erasmus+ projects on renewable energies, sustainability and civil commitment and dedication.

LOOK! will promote local entrepreneurs and initiatives which serve the ideas of the UN2030 goals.

The project-meetings focus on two aspects: Teaching digital competence and promoting ideas according to selected UN Goals per meeting. LOOK! will do this by producing informative material (film, radio, print, online, explainity clips) and by developing marketing concepts, both in international groups (hosts and guests from 4 countries). At the end of each project week the international groups of pupils present their products to an audience comprising local participants, politicians, teachers, fellow pupils and journalists.

Each school will come up with (a) local Erasmus+/UN2030 fair(s) in the
follow-up process of the project meetings to share ideas and concepts with a larger audience in order to make members of the civil society aware of their possibilities to reach the UN2030 Goals. The amount of examples is growing from meeting to meeting and will be published in various channels.

In the LOOK! project, pupils will learn very relevant aspects about current developments and trends towards a more sustainable and fair lifestyle. They acquire knowledge in the field of digital techniques and develop strategies and concepts to promote these ideas in a digital world.

LOOK! will give the pupils plenty of possibilities to improve key competences of the EU, i.e. Communication in Foreign Languages, digital Competence, Learning to learn, Social and Civic competences, cultural awareness and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The schools fulfill their duty of being rolemodels in the fields of social and environmental responsibility and their is an active contribution to the aspects of environment and climatechange