Our school, Bilecik Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School, is located in Bilecik, Turkey.

It started education and training activities in 1949. It is one of the oldest schools in the city. In accordance with National Education Fundamental Principles, our school carries out a duty to raise skilled labour in the fields of industry and manufacturer companies and also aims to send students to various departments of universities. There are 1 headmaster, 5 assistant managers, 29 vocational teachers, 11 Staff, 22 teachers and over 700 students in our school.

There are 6 vocational departments (Information Technologies, Electrics-Electronics, Metal Technologies, Engine Technologies, Machine Technologies and Interior Furniture Design). As a school, we are multicultural because our students also come from Syria, Afghanistan Iran or Iraq (refugees, immigrants). Of course, that situation causes some problems. By the help of this project, we get new points of view from other countries and we get the chance to find new solutions. These students are the representatives of the civil society at our school. If we are a good model for them, it will help them to form the society in a positive way and to understand each other, to be aware of other cultures.

Bilecik is a small city with limited economic sources and occupation choices. Especially young people have an increasing inclination to leave the city for different job opportunities. On the other hand, our school has specialized and skilled graduates from different departments like information technologies, metal and machine technologies for various industrial areas.

So this project can provide a pure vision for students, families, school and the local organizations through cooperation and coordination. Especially, we can bring our strong IT qualities into the project. By joining this project, the school anticipates to bring together and stimulate all the respondents of society (pupils, school, families, local organizations etc.) to work on the problematic issues and make changes in social areas with international and multicultural ideas and solution suggestions.

Key person: Dir. Yücel Gürsoy and Erasmus+ coord. Mustafa Kan (deputy head), substitute: Ali Oktay Uygun (Foreign Languages Department)

Our school has a vision that grounds on Lifelong learning and Erasmus+ programmes. Within this frame, our school has carried out different European Projects since 2007. Our five projects supported by European funds have been smoothly achieved up to now. We participated in 2007-2009 Comenius (EUWIBA-Europe Without Barriers), in 2009 Leonardo da Vinci (Study on Information and Automation Technologies Used in Passive Houses), two Erasmus+ Students. Mobility Projectsin 2016 and 2017, We coordinated another Erasmus+ VET Students Internship project in 2018, and Erasmus+ (Something for Nothing, focusing on the cooperation of school and the civil society) between 2016 and 2019.