Our school is situated in Almere in the province of Flevoland, The Nederlands.

Almere is a relatively new town built in the 1970s and is a fast growing community developing into a suburb of Amsterdam. This means that there are many newcomers from a variety of cultures. Main ethnic groups are people from Suriname, Moroccan and Turkish decent.

The population can be determined mainly as lower- and middle class people. The urban development of Almere creates opportunities but has also its downsides which are being manifested in an increase of school drop outs and students with language barriers which limit their school- and job career opportunities.

The school believes that by investing in students by embedding a local and international context and exchanges with external communities in the schoolcurriculum, we improve the quality of education and improve the job opportunities of our students. And we learn students to be self confident in an ever more globalized world. Lastly, we learn about and exchange best practices in pedagogical and didactical approaches from the different partners and we broaden the view of pupils and teachers on how to view and cooperate with other European cultures.

Key person: Director Doeke Jan Renema and Erasmus+ coordinator Bart van der Linden (replacement: departmental manager Ellen ter Steege).

Baken Park Lyceum has joined several Comenius and Erasmus+ projects in the recent past because European and international orientation is part of our curriculum. Our last project, Something for Nothing (S4N) was about the subject of entrepreneurship and a catalyst for embedding the European Business Competence Licence (EBCL) in our curriculum. We coordinated our former Comenius project “Black to Green” (2012-1014).

In the new project we want students to learn about what their direct environment – through structures like government, entrepeneurial and non-governmental organizations- is conducting to reach by selected, UN2030 United Nations sustainable development goals and what they can contribute to these agencies in order to help them further in reaching these goals.