LOOK- For A Better Future 

Program for project meeting at Vester Skerninge Friskole, Denmark 2022

 Sunday 3rd Monday 4th Tuesday 5th Wednesday 6th Thursday 7th Friday 8th  Saturday 9th 
Morning Travel day 8.10: Debriefing in countries  
8.30: Morning Assembly (JV)  9.00: Tour de School in groups 9.45: Ice Breakers  (JV) 10.30:  Introduction to the project (JV) 
8.10: Morning Assembly (LV)  8.35: Debriefing  8.55: Groups visit organisations or companies. 
8.10: Debriefing  
 8.30 Morning Assembly (DK)  
 9.00-13.00: Trip to the local Island Lyø. 
8.10: Debriefing  8.30: Morning Assembly (CH)  9.00: Group Work  
10:00: School Theater at Vester Skerninge Friskole 
8.10: Debriefing  
 8.30: Morning Assembly (NED)  
 8.45: FINAL group Work  
Travel day  
 Departure from Svb. Station:  IT: 10.15 GER:  07:10 TUR: 9.00 NED: 10.00 
  11.30: Lunch break 11.30: Lunch break 11.30: Lunch break 11.30: Lunch break 11.30: Lunch break  
12.15: Lunch Assembly (Ger)   12.45-15.00:  Introduction to the theory, methods and preparing for visit tuesday. (ME+JV) 12.15-15.00 Group Work 13.00-16.10: Trip to the local island Lyø.    12.15: Lunch Assembly (TU)  12.45-15.00 Group Work  15.00-17.00 Teacher’s conference  12.15: Lunch Assembly (IT)  12.45-15.00 PRESENTATION to the organisations 17.00: Preparation to carnival.  
Evening Arrival at Svendborg Station:  GER: 17:56 TUR: 13.56 IT: 17.16 NED: 17.16 Dinner at host families  Teachers:  17.30: Dinner at Thomas’ place  19.30-21.00: Choir  (JK) and sports activities (JV) at the school. (Rundbold) Dinner at host families  
 Teachers:  18.00: Dinner at Jespers place  
Dinner at host families  
 Teachers:  18.00: Dinner at Lene’s place  Visit Springcenteret at Ollerup Højskole (JV) 18.45-20.00 
Dinner at host families   
 Teachers:  18.00: Dinner at Vester Skerninge Kro/Inn 
18.00: CARNIVAL IN THE PULS – Buffet the parents – WE BEAT THE CAT OUT OF THE BARREL – Folk dancing (Karen)   22.00: We cry and say goodbye